$159 Full Health & Lifestyle Assessment

Includes Inbody Scan, Glucose, Cholesterol and Ketone Tests
1.5 hours of time - valued at over $560 with a home report.

What's included?

Sit down with one of our Exercise Physiologists or Specialist Coaches and analyse where your life and health is at present and how you feel about it. We will discuss where you want to go and help you make a plan to reach those goals including managing any medical conditions & rehabilitating injuries along the way.

To reach these answers, we pop you on our Inbody Scanner – where we will be able to test everything from total weight, muscle in each body area, body fat in each area & what type it is, to bone density and intracellular & extracellular water retention.  From here we will give you an overall health score and can give you an estimated metabolic age.

Cholesterol, Blood Glucose and Ketone levels will also be analysed, along with your blood pressure and Oxygen levels.

We will chat about your current nutrition and how you may or may not be meeting current dietary recommendations, but most of all we want to help you find out where your “low lying fruit” is so that you can more easily make any changes you want via sustainable, easy & healthy, daily lifestyle habits.

Your mobility, movement and posture will all be assessed – along with your fitness.

This is all produced in a report for you so that you can evaluate your health priorities and options.  Allied Health referrals can also be provided should they be required.


12 week milestone results are in and i have…

  • lost 8.2kg
  • Dropped 8.7% body fat (which is 13 kg of fat)
  • Put on 5.1kg of muscle
  • Decreased my neck size by 3 cm, shoulders by 9 cm, chest size by 5.5 cm, arm size by 4 cm, waist line by 13cm, thigh size by 9 cm, calf by 2.5 cm and 0.5 cm from my waist.

Thank you for being so supportive and committed to helping me get my health and life back on track. I’m very excited to see what not only the next 12 weeks brings

– Larissa – Transformation Program

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      Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person depending on lifestyle, diet and commitment to our program.
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