InBody Composition Scanning with the InBody 570 Body Composition Analyser

Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award for International Product Design and Innovation (2014) 

The InBody 570 Body Composition Scanner. The scan is non-invasive & pain-free, taking 45seconds to conduct using an 8-point electrode system. Simply stand on the platform, hold the electrodes and you are ready to test. It measures your body as both a whole and segmentally, and the results will be correct regardless of gender, race or age.

There have been many studies conducted to compare the Inbody Analyser to a Dexa Scanner and the results have proven a 98% correlation to the results from a Dexa Scanner, obviously minus the radiation. For a quick comparison take a look here.

Your results print out on a detailed summary sheet, ready for you to take home or share with your Doctor. The summary presents the results as both a full and a segmental analysis which include your basics like Body Fat Percentage, Total body Water, and Lean Mass; but most importantly it also shows Bone Mineral Density, Cellular or Extracellular Water and Protein. There are many more measurements reported, & you find as a detailed list on the product’s web page. Most excitedly, we can identify or track the progress of inflammation, swelling & even injuries by watching the cellular and extracellular analysis variations over time. To book your scan please  CLICK below.

Erica & Ivan B
Hey Team You have really taught us so much since we first walked into the gym and had our first training session with you. For me, I no longer have a scales obsession. I know that I can use weights and not get bulky, and strength training is awesome! I now know what macros are and that I don’t need to be eating 1200 calories a day to achieve results. ... Read More

- Erica & Ivan B

12-week milestone results are in and I have… lost 8.2kg Dropped 8.7% body fat (which is 13 kg of fat) Put on 5.1kg of muscle Decreased my neck size by 3 cm, shoulders by 9 cm, chest size by 5.5 cm, arm size by 4 cm, waistline by 13cm, thigh size by 9 cm, calf by 2.5 cm and 0.5 cm from my waist. Thank you Team, for being so ... Read More

- Larissa – Warrior Program

Larissa – Warrior Program
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