Strong(Her) Program

As with all our programs, Strong(Her) is delivered by qualified, insured and registered Strength and Conditioning Coaches; both Sports Scientists and Exercise Physiologists, so you could be in no safer hands.

Strong(Her) is a women’s only hour of strength and metabolic conditioning which is purposefully programmed to deliver maximum benefits for women.

Are you looking to lose a few kilo’s, get stronger, gain muscle definition, become more flexible or are thinking of returning to a sport or physical job?

Whether you are reclaiming a healthy life and the body you want, or dealing with menopause our Strong(Her) program has you covered.

Our classes utilise strength & metabolic circuits and complexes. Each daily program has specifically chosen tools, methods and exercise combinations to maximise your results and minimise a stress hormonal response while building strength & muscular endurance and also improving respiratory endurance (stamina) & cardiac health.

All sessions are 100% customised to an individuals needs, health, injuries,  goals and abilities. This includes a classes intensity and exercise recommendations.

Every session includes advice about general health, injuries, nutrition,  hormones, pelvic floor and longevity.

Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Strength training is incredibly beneficial for women and is our most under-utilised weapon against aging and weight gain.

Building lean muscle mass assists in maintaining body shape while increasing overall body strength and keeping those aches and pains at bay. If you are feeling tired, weak or run down, strength training will give you the energy and ability to deal with life’s demands.

As women, we worry about how hard it can be to maintain our body weight, manage hormonal fluctuations, maintain strong bones, maintain lean muscle (or build it) keep our metabolism fired up and body fat low.

As we age, we worry more  …and rightly so! The older we get, the harder it can be, and yes, that little more work needs to be done.

As women age from 40 onwards, our needs and the way we need to train also change. It is the optimal time to start to put an emphasis on your strength training, and women in this age group can gain relative strength quicker than younger males due to the ideal mix and level of hormones going through their body at this stage of life.

As women reach menopause and become post-menopausal, their training sessions need to be more carefully programmed, because the cessation of our menstrual cycle and the sheer drop of estrogen levels leaves them more susceptible to bodily inflammation & stress hormones. Their lungs also become more fibrous, their liver shrinks, gut biome changes, bones become brittle, joints, ligaments and tendons become less resilient and “dryer” (due to decreased synovial fluid) and more prone to overuse and lack of use injuries.

Strength training has been scientifically proven to improve bone density and help prevent Osteoporosis (bone mineral density loss) and improve outcomes for those with Osteopenia (less severe bone loss), it also helps prevent Sarcopenia (muscle loss).

Strength training will also help improve your insulin sensitivity levels. Having insulin resistance is a sign that your body is having difficulty processing and using blood glucose. This can indicate other health problems such as high blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

Strength training also improves sleep … it’s the whole package!

Strength training is extremely beneficial to women who suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and will assist in keeping blood pressure within a healthy range.



Deborah Foley
A couple of years ago I was paddling dragon boats and going to yoga. Then I suffered a shoulder injury. I could no longer paddle or even bear enough weight to do some of my yoga positions. I tried a lot of things, and they helped somewhat. However, I could not get any strength back, as every time I tried something I felt I was doing more damage. So I ... Read More

- Deborah Foley

I’m a 54-year-old athlete and over the years have had my fair share of injuries and strains.  Tracy’s knowledge, skill and patience have always provided the guidance my body and mind have needed as scaffolding to bring me back to my “game”. Tracy’s extensive knowledge base with regard to both sport and fitness physiology and psychology and her intuitive capacity to motivate makes her an excellent fitness and wellbeing guide ... Read More

- Joanne Magill

Joanne Magill
3 Everingham Place ​Coffs Harbour ​NSW 2450 Australia

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