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Over the years, I have sustained a number of injuries whilst playing a variety sport (as I’m sure everybody has). It didn’t bother me all too much because I’d heal quickly and get straight back into it. However over time, my injuries seemed to take longer to heal, and more worryingly, the aches and pains that accompanied them would linger well after I had thought I had recovered. Tracy, being my knowledgeable Specialist Coach, seemed to be the ideal person to talk to seeing as she was already aware of my history.

My main issues ranged from

  • right shoulder ache and stiffness (probably resulting during my rugby and rock climbing days)
  • Shin splints (especially when running or skipping)
  • Lower and upper back pain (experienced particularly after my squash matches, but seemed to hang around for a few days following.
  • Persistent pain in the right big toe after playing challenging multisport games.
  • Sore Knees (probably also relating to too much indoor sport like squash and multisport

One issue was compounded by the next which was in turn compounded by the one after that (and so on). I started to lose my edge and found I wasn’t as effective during training (or the matches) as I needed to be. I was effectively easing off on my game in order to compensate for the aches and pains. My fire was diminishing.

After a lengthy discussion with Tracy, a plan was devised. Although Tracy had already gained my trust through her consistent dedication to her work and her accomplishments in her field, I was still very hesitant. The list of problems that required attention was daunting! I wasn’t even sure how long this treatment plan was going to last. But in the end, I resolved to suck it up and with a nudge from my coach, I found the impetus to push forward.

I took up an extra exercise: Aqua Zumba. This was considerably less jarring on my joints compared to the indoor sports I played and it gave me a similar metabolic workout. Truthfully, I didn’t think it would, but it certainly did.
Tracy also has a strong network of health professionals we could tap into. Tracy, her exercise program, coupled with her extensive knowledge about what each professional could and could not do for me, went on and served as my nexus on my road to recovery and was integral to my rehab.

My right shoulder, big toe and back were seen to by the physiotherapists Tracy referred me to.
My lower back pain, knee problems and shin splints were sorted out also by a physiotherapist after Tracy picked up instantly through observation and movement tests, that I required a gait scan and promptly, yet again, a detailed referral from Tracy was the catalyst to finding a solution. I now wear orthotics whilst performing any physically intensive activity (like multisport and squash).

All this augmented the correction training and stretching given to me by Tracy to strengthen my weakened areas and restore my correct movement patterns. Along with slight alterations to how I ran and jumped, I was able to satisfy my competitive nature again within a couple of weeks!

Now that I am better informed about my body’s abilities. Whenever I feel one of these issues resurfacing again, I know exactly what exercises and stretches to perform in order to mitigate and prevent further injuries or damage.

I reached the conclusion that paying the premium for the knowledgeable, passionate and overall excellent Coach that Tracy is, was insignificant to the benefits and education gained from training with her. It is to date, one of the best investments I have made!

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