Cheryl Hughes

Cheryl was Interview for the local Focus magazine and had this to say about her training and experience under Tracy’s guidance.

Hi Cheryl;
What was your reason to seek Specialist Coaching with Tracy?

Mainly concern about a niggly shoulder and fear of it becoming a worsening and/or long-term problem. I was aware that there were other things that needed targeting, such as posture, flexibility and strength. Also, there were specific exercises that were particularly difficult for me, especially pushups, and I wanted to work on those.

How did you come to find Tracy and how long have you shared this collaborative training journey?

Tracy came highly recommended by friends who had achieved good results from Tracy’s personal training; it made a lot of sense to go with someone “tried and trusted.” That was about 2 and a half years ago.


How did your training begin? Was it a typical cookie-cutter program or was it truly personalised to your needs?


There was an initial consultation, that included a comprehensive assessment of my fitness, range of movement, etc, as well as of my particular concerns and goals. All of these are monitored regularly and it’s nice to see improvements in the numbers as well as feeling that things are working better.

Did Tracy supply additional care, support or work for you when younger not together?

Tracy touched base after each session to check on how I pulled up. She encourages communication at all times and has been quick to provide comprehensive responses to questions. Tracy also suggested assistive therapies when needed – physiotherapy, dry needling and remedial massage with the team at Mid North Coast Physiotherapy, who have a base at the gym. I feel that these have been helpful in loosening up lots of areas, allowing for better movement.

Do you have a chosen sport or is exercise a hobby?

It’s a bit of both. I love feeling fit and have always enjoyed regular exercise. I’ve come to enjoy the challenge of an intensive workout, whether it’s my personal training session with Tracy or as part of my chosen sport, which is dragon boating.

Did you have any special goals you felt could only be achieved with help and support?

To be able to continue to paddle pain-free and to build strength and improve technique to perform optimally in National levels of my sport.

Did you find that Tracy’s Specialist care and experience helped you achieve your goals?

I believe that I would probably have given up dragon boating some time ago with shoulder problems had I not sought help from Tracy. The niggly shoulder is no longer an issue; although I don’t particularly enjoy them, I can do push-ups if I have to; my strength has increased and my flexibility and posture have improved; I’m actually 1 cm taller than I was 2 and a half years ago!

Having a personal trainer works for me, as I’m confident that the exercises that Tracy programmes for me are suitable for my body and for what we are aiming to achieve. With one-on-one attention, I can be assured that I can perform the required exercises and use equipment safely and at my pace. Tracy is good at explaining why we’re doing a particular move, how different muscles work together, how the “move” should feel, which muscles should be working, which ones shouldn’t. At times I need cues and reminders and Tracy keeps at it until we find the ones that work. I like that I can ask questions to clarify moves as we go.

I’m often amazed at how many different ways that there are to target different areas of the body and I enjoy learning how to use various pieces of equipment. I didn’t even know what a kettlebell was before I met Tracy.

You have been training with Tracy for quite some time now. Is this because your goals have changed during this period together?

Achieving results is my motivation to keep up with personal training. While to begin with my main goal was sport-related, I feel that improved strength, flexibility, stability, balance and body awareness translate into everyday life and will stand me in good stead for the future, after all, I’m not getting any younger. It’s good to be “pushed” and Tracy seems to know just how hard to push. She’s always very encouraging and motivating.

What has achieving your goals meant to you, and how would you describe the level of health and fitness you have achieved?

I certainly feel fitter and stronger than I ever have and that’s very satisfying. While previously I had considered myself to be reasonably fit, I realise now that I was getting plenty of cardio exercise, but not much in the way of strength training.

Do you feel others in your chosen sport can benefit from the services of a Coach like Tracy, & if so why?

Based on my own experience, I would think that a sportsperson who is seeking to improve performance could benefit from the expertise of a personal Coach. It’s very enlightening having a critical eye analyse your movements and tell you that a part of your body is doing something different than what you think it’s doing.

Is there anything you would like to add or perhaps a message you would like to give to readers at home?

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about engaging a personal trainer to give it a go. Ask around among friends and acquaintances for their recommendations.

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