Alyce. D

12 Week milestone results:

  • Weight loss of 28 kg
  • BUT in the important transformation measures, she dropped 20% body fat 🔥which is 42.8 kg of fat and she put on 14 kg of muscle! I had to double check the figures, but yep, they are right!
  • On top of that, she decreased her neck size by 7 cm, shoulders by 17.5 cm, chest size by 13.5 cm, arm size by 4 cm, waistline by 19.5 cm, hips lost 12 cm, the thigh is down by 3 cm and calf by 1.5 cm.

This is so amazingly awesome! Well done! The smile says it all.I’m excited to see where she will go over the next 12 weeks!
I’m excited to see where she will go over the next 12 weeks!
It’s about creating health!
Being able to take transformation journey’s with amazing people is what makes it all worthwhile! Changing lives and seeing smiles

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Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person depending on lifestyle, diet and commitment to our program.
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