Taking Steps To Reduce Knee Pain
Taking Steps To Reduce Knee Pain
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Knee painaffects around 19% of the population. Incidence increases with age but is also a common finding in our children, especially when experiencing growth spurts during teenage years – the statistic for teenage chronic knee pain is thought to be about 18% of their population group.

Youth non-traumatic pain, is often caused by the muscles, ligaments and tendons not being able to keep pace with that of growing bones. With care and supervision, it usually leads to no long-termeffects.

But you’re older; what can you do to improve your knee health?Hydration-

1. Hydration-

Dehydration’s oftenlinked with joint pain and way too many of us do not drink enough. Dehydration leads to fatigue, brain fog, weight gain and SORE JOINTS! Dehydration leaves inflammatory toxins sitting in joints, the more joints move,the moreby-products need flushing away. Knees need lots of water to function properly!

2. Eliminate Inflammatory Foods& Lose Weight-

We know what they are… we just don’t do whatwe know. Conditions like gout are vastly improved with good nutrition, stands to reason that all joints would benefit.

3. Avoid Painful Situations-

Certain positions and movements increase your chance of knee pain. Example; Knees fully bent for anextended time or over straightened beyond a normal range. Your knees should not sit behind or inside of your hips or ankles as this increases the load through them. Take a look at yours. Is there a slight bow to your leg line?

4. Poor Movement patterns-

Is it painful walking, sitting, rising, lifting or climbing stairs?Then we need to investigate. Grab a friend with a camera or video. Film from all sides;the beginning action of a sit, rise, squat and lift.  Do knees move before hips? Did hips not move? Do knees or legs cave inwards, feet twist outward?Does your lower back round over? If so, you should begin a strengthening&corrective movement program that off-loads your knees.

Chat with an Exercise Professional such as myself, who can assess your movements or help with re-training them. Call me or one of our team to learn more.

Remember … Happy joints, lead to happy living!


AUTHOR; Tracy Welsh

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