What is massage?

Massage is the practice of rubbing,manipulating and pressing on ligaments, muscles, tendons, fascia and skin to improve movement or relaxation. Techniques may involve Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports Massage and Trigger Point to name a few.

Massage is a complimentary therapy and is often prescribed as an ongoing treatment by Allied Health Specialists.

Swedish Massage

Is a gentle and generally more relaxing form of massage, using long and circular stroking movements with gentle kneading, which applies pressure between muscles and tendons. Rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. Swedish massage will help relax and re-energise you. It can be the perfect indulgence or treat to an overly tired body.

Remedial & Trigger point Massage

This massage tends to focus more on overly tight tissue or muscle damage from injuries and repetitive actions.  The benefits to Remedial Massage are more than a placebo effect.  Your Therapist was trained to assess your body and design a treatment session to suit your needs or, simply respond to your request. Special techniques are used to improve circulation and muscle tension, which can reduce pain and improve your feeling of general wellbeing.

Decreasing muscle tension will assist Increasing Joint mobility and easing bodily stiffness while improving posture.  Remedial massage is a great maintenance aid to physiotherapy, increased muscle and tissue movement, decreases bodily stress and can elevate or improve headache and vertigo.

So why not take time and treat your body to what it deserves… and most likely needs! Purchase as single sessions or Courses of treatment may also be booked, or gifted via our Gift Cards.

Joanne Magill
I’m a 54-year-old athlete and over the years have had my fair share of injuries and strains.  Tracy’s knowledge, skill and patience have always provided the guidance my body and mind have needed as scaffolding to bring me back to my “game”. Tracy’s extensive knowledge base with regard to both sport and fitness physiology and psychology and her intuitive capacity to motivate makes her an excellent fitness and wellbeing guide ... Read More

- Joanne Magill

Cheryl was Interview for the local Focus magazine and had this to say about her training and experience under Tracy’s guidance. Hi Cheryl; What was your reason to seek Specialist Coaching with Tracy? Mainly concern about a niggly shoulder and fear of it becoming a worsening and/or long-term problem. I was aware that there were other things that needed targeting, such as posture, flexibility and strength. Also, there were specific ... Read More

- Cheryl Hughes

Cheryl Hughes
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